::Christmas came early:: my shopping secret

Poshmark App-2

Be forewarned this blog post is a thinly veiled public service announcement for any woman that I may come into contact with at the store holding the last of any item I may or may not be secretly coveting!

Have you ever spotted THE piece of the century in a store only to second guess yourself and leave without it.  The next day after sleeping on it literally dreaming about it all night long you decide that you absolutely, without question, have to have it only to discover it has sold out overnight?  Damn that 24/7 online shopping world, if I am sleeping and can not shop neither can you!  Is it wrong to tell the customer next to you holding the last perfectly oversized red sweater that you can already tell red is not her color and well, maybe, try that blue over there (yes I have debated doing this a time or two – don’t judge)?!   Maybe you are lusting after those “so Carrie Bradshaw” Manolos that you know full well will never go on sale making you choose whether your landlord would actually evict you for not paying rent and who really needs to eat anyways…

These are the moments I find myself turning to the Poshmark app.  I’m introducing you to my secret shopping soul mate!  It has been a long held secret but I have come to the realization that the more woman that know about it the less I will be considered a POSHaddict!  Hashtag: wine time, yoga pants, and shopping!  You can get Poshmark for free on the iPhone, iPad and Android.  Even if you do not have any of the aforementioned devices you can create an account online here and shop through the web – NO WOMAN LEFT BEHIND!   With millions of users coming together to buy and sell women’s fashion and over 6 million items for sale across over 5,000 brands (YES including the aforementioned Manolos and the H&M sweater that was swept out from under me – at 60% off their original retail price!) there really is something for everyone.

This app has ensured many other women’s safety as I no longer feel the need to slide tackle them ensuring that I get the last pair of size 9 heels as I know I have my shopping secret close by in my purse!

You can download the app here and enter code BQPPN when joining for a $5 credit!

I have also included a little sneak peek of my closet below…





cotton candy

Quirky?  Absolutely, but I couldn’t help but love this sweater from the moment I first saw it.  For the most part every “eyelash” sweater I have seen has reminded me of my 9 year old’s closet and not something any adult should attempt to wear yet this one was given a pass, everything just worked.  With the price tag reading only $6.99 it was love at first site on a whole ‘nother level!  Cotton candy pink, fuzzy leopard (which is a neutral after all), and boxy fit to top it all off, I mean, how is this sweater not considered an everyday basic;)?!

Forever21 Fuzzy Pink leopard Sweater-6

Forever21 Fuzzy Pink leopard Sweater-4

Forever21 Fuzzy Pink leopard Sweater-5

Sweater: Forever 21 (limited sizes left) great option 30% off here and another here. Jeans: Zara (sold out) love these.  Coat: H&M (last year) similar here and here.  Bag: Fendi (limited run) love this one too, similar save here.  Jewelry:  Forever 21, Forever 21.  Sunglasses; Wildfox via Shopbop.

without fail

Every December the same thing happens, without fail… every December!  Boxes of holiday cookies arrive on our doorstep almost daily, Fran’s chocolate stuffed figs are on repeat (if you do not know what Fran’s chocolate figs are not only are you missing out but I am not sure that we can be friends), large family dinners are a regular and the wine is constantly stocked.  In other words the indulging is much more than normal.  Mix the aforementioned indulgence with (boys look away, look away) mother nature and there is no way I am about to fit in anything, well, anything… fitted!  Enter the cape, while my sister compares it to her couch throw, I find it to be quite chic while not making everything stated above obvious!

ASOS Cape with Roll Neck-13

ASOS Cape with Roll Neck-7

ASOS Cape with Roll Neck-1

ASOS Cape with Roll Neck-11

Cape: ASOS.  Tee: Joe Fresh (old) loving this variation here.  Jeans: Zara (sold out) .  Shoes: Shoedazzle (sold out) nearly identical on sale here.  Bag: Fendi (limited run) love this one too, similar save here.  Jewelry:  Forever 21, Forever 21.  Sunglasses; Wildfox via Shopbop c/o.



smells like teen spirit

“I’m worse at what I do best
And for this gift I feel blessed
Our little group has always been
And always will until the end
Hello, hello, hello, how low?
Hello, hello, hello!
With the lights out, it’s less dangerous
Here we are now, entertain us
I feel stupid and contagious
Here we are now, entertain us”

- Nirvana “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

HRH Collection Rock Band Jacket-3

HRH Rock Band Bomber-10

HRH Collection Rock Band Jacket-2

Jacket: HRH Collection (similar here and here, also love this one).  Tee: ASOS.  Pants: ASOS (a serious workhorse in my wardrobe).  Shoes: Aldo.  Bag: Fendi (limited run) love this one too, similar save here.  Jewelry:  Forever 21, Forever 21.  Sunglasses; Wildfox via Shopbop c/o.


…hashtag: bye bye ombre, you will NOT be missed!  You were fun while you lasted but the upkeep was a complete and total ‘B’ on not only my time but my wallet!  While my hair is back today and the change may not be as noticeable as when I wear it down,  I finally pulled the trigger and went chocolate brown over the weekend.  Being naturally blonde obviously I want what I don’t have and I think I will always say the darker the better.  Originally I debated going back to black but a) it’s slightly harsh on my fairer Seattle skin tone, b) since cutting my hair off it doesn’t provide enough dimension with the short cut (at least for me) and, c) who couldn’t Miroslava Duma sell on chocolate brown locks?!  Now if only every time I saw one of her outfits online it would magically appear in my closet, on that note – Dear Santa…

ASOS Pencil Skirt in Ponte Knit-8

ASOS Pencil Skirt in Ponte Knit-10

ASOS Pencil Skirt in Ponte Knit-7


ASOS Pencil Skirt in Ponte Knit-11

ASOS Pencil Skirt in Ponte Knit-5

Coat: Forever 21.  Sweater: Forever 21.  Skirt:  ASOS.  Shoes: L.A.M.B. (almost as old as Emma but such a staple in my shoe closet) great options here and here.  Jewelry: Forever 21, Forever 21, Candy Ice c/o (these earrings with this charm) so perfect for the Holidays.  Purse: Fendi (limited run) love this one too.  Sunglasses; Wildfox via Shopbop c/o.

floral supply

It is no secret by now that I am a complete and total sucker for a good midi pencil skirt.  They go with everything, and I mean everything.  Not to mention how easily they transition into the fall and winter months while allowing me to repeatedly wear my slouchy sweaters and cocoon coats without judgement.

On a completely different note this street is one of my favorites to drive down at dusk.  It is lined by amazing houses each unique in their own way and so far from being cookie cutter while just across the water is Seattle.  Something about the sunset in this area is incredibly calming for me!

ASOS SALON Midi Skirt in Floral Organza-9

ASOS SALON Midi Skirt in Floral Organza-1

ASOS SALON Midi Skirt in Floral Organza-3

ASOS SALON Midi Skirt in Floral Organza-4

ASOS SALON Midi Skirt in Floral Organza-11

Coat: Front Row Shop (old) Love this option.  Skirt: ASOS.  Shoes: Guess by Marciano (really, really, old) Amazing splurge here, great save option here.  Jewelry: Forever21, Forever21, Free People.

boot up

What’s better than lusting after a pair of $1,900 boots?  Actually being able to add the aforementioned(esque) boots to your wardrobe for under $50 and a enough time to let the paint dry.  After dreaming of these hand painted beauties booties (that are sold out in pretty much every size) I decided I was going to embark on another DIY with a pair of Shoedazzle ankle boots.  Not to mention that this version was closed toed making them much more realistic for a Seattle climate.

On a completely different note I am sorry I was so MIA last week, it was a beyond crazy holiday week for me!

Forever 21 Faux Suede Aviator Jacket-3

Forever 21 Faux Suede Aviator Jacket-4

Forever 21 Faux Suede Aviator Jacket-2

Forever 21 Faux Suede Aviator Jacket-7

Jacket: Forever 21.  Dress: ASOS (30% off entire site today with code ILOVEMONDAYS – also making it the perfect time to pull the trigger on this holiday ready skirt).  Heels: DIY with these Isabella Rue booties via Shoedazzle.  Purse: Chanel.  Rings: Forever 21, Forever 21.  Sunglasses: Wildfox c/0 Shopbop (get up to 25% off your order with code GOBIG14).

the cover up

Friend “that outfit is quite plain for you.”

Me “the Seahawks are on give me a break!”

Yes, it’s true, I am one of those girls that yells at her television over a penalty as if the players can hear me and jumps off the couch for a touchdown.  I am one of those girls who would rather watch the game and drink beer wine than go shopping.  That being said this mentality only applies to the Seahawks!  …and yes, football Sunday usually results in simple dressing for me.  Simple, albeit simple and “plain” statement pieces!

Is this making any sense?  If not my apologies, I am still on a bit of a high from our win against the Cardinals!

…and on to more good news we have the winner of the CaseApp giveaway, Carmen – carmina_rose, I will be emailing you shortly with more details on how to claim your prize!  Thank you so much to everyone who entered and don’t forget you can use code: cara20 for 20% off your order at CaseApp through December 12th!

ASOS Longline Duster Cardigan in Pink-1

ASOS Longline Duster Cardigan in Pink-8

ASOS Longline Duster Cardigan in Pink-4

ASOS Longline Duster Cardigan in Pink-10

Duster: ASOS (sold out) another great pink option here.  Tee: Swell c/o (I told you it’s the softest tee I own, needless to say I’m addicted).  Jeans: Anine Bing.  Shoes: Zara (old) love these and these.  Scarf: ASOS.  Purse: Chanel.  Sunglasses: Wildfox via Shopbop c/o.


by invitation only

While I love almost every sport, can out eat almost anyone (besides my husband) when it comes to pizza and wings, and can’t get enough of the outdoors, I am a girly girl in many ways.  I had actually been on the hunt for a feminine but not over the top laptop skin and cell phone case for some time.  Just when I was about to add both to my Christmas list CaseApp contacted me and gave me the opportunity to design my own.  The reason I was on the hunt for so long?  I am ridiculously picky, I know just what I want and am unable to justify $100 for a laptop cover and $50 for a phone case when I feel like I am settling.   Not only was I able to create something that was exactly what I wanted but both were a fraction of the cost of others I had seen.  I am one of those that is “on another level” protective of my phone and laptop, don’t let bold lips fool you, both are – by invitation only! Not to mention le hubs and I no longer mix up our phones and laptops.

CaseApp was kind enough to allow me to do a giveaway for one of you all.  To win a laptop skin (does not have to be for a Mac), iPad skin, or cover for your phone (does not have to be for an iPhone)  follow both @caseapp and @carascliche on Instagram, be a subscriber to my blog, and leave a comment below (please include your Instagram name so that we may verify).  Winner will be selected at random and announced this coming Monday, November 24th.  Good luck!

Just in time for the holidays CaseApp was also very generous in giving me a promo code for everyone.  Simply enter cara20 at checkout for 20% off your order on the CaseApp site through December 12th, 2014.

CaseApp Laptop Cover and Phone Case-7

CaseApp Laptop Cover and Phone Case-2

CaseApp Laptop Cover and Phone Case-4

Laptop and Phone Cover c/o CaseApp

a cut above

…being that girl who drinks quad shot lattes at least once a day you would think I would keep on trucking no problem.  That is so far from the case and on the mornings where coffee isn’t quite enough to fully get the sleep out of my eyes I can’t be bothered with a “difficult” outfit, I need a no brainer.  Is that a horrible thing to say being someone who is so passionate about fashion?!?  The winning equation?  The softest tee I have ever owned, a crisp jacket, bold hat (let’s be real I am not doing my hair and this makes me look like I tried), crazy fun shoes, and my (of course, as I always say) go to jewels.

Aldo Acaren -5

Aldo Acaren Mule-6

Aldo Acaren -6

Jacket: Forever 21.  Tee: Swell c/o.  Jeans: J. Brand.  Shoes: Aldo (on super sale!).  Hat: Forever 21.  Purse: Chanel.