abandon the plan

No pants are the best pants!  While I am wearing a shirtdress, yes, it is a dress!  It is meant to be a dress, not a nightshirt, not a top, and it is not stolen from my husbands closet!  Yet, if you ask my sister she will swear up and down that I simply forgot my pants or that I left the house in such a hurry that I must have though they were not necessary.  She will even insist to extended family on a phone call that when she saw an outfit sneak peek on Instagram I am “almost naked and left the house in my nighty”.  This is the same sister who called my cape a couch throw so I will chalk this up once again to our ever differing fashion sense.  Don’t get me wrong, she always looks amazing but we have very different taste (although we do agree on handbags and jewels).

Now to test her reaction to my bell bottoms and sailor denim…

ASOS Abandon the Plan Sweatshirt-7

ASOS Abandon the Plan Sweatshirt-10

ASOS Abandon the Plan Sweatshirt-2

ASOS Abandon the Plan Sweatshirt-6

ASOS Abandon the Plan Sweatshirt-5

Sweater: ASOS.  Shirtdress: H&M (another great option here).  Boots: Steve Madden (love these too). Hat: Nordstrom (old) nearly identical here.  Purse: Fendi.  Jewelry: Zada Official.


fringe full

In the past two months I have worn this skirt on a more than regular basis that could almost definitely be considered embarrassing!  With everything from an oversized turtleneck and strappy heels, to a tee with classic pumps, and even a button down with my tried and true new balances… I just can’t get enough!  It works with anything and everything I have thrown it’s way and in my opinion that is a piece that has fully earned it’s front row spot in my wardrobe!

BCBG Rachelle Leather Fringe Skirt-1

BCBG Rachelle Leather Fringe Skirt-12

BCBG Rachelle Leather Fringe Skirt-8

BCBG Rachelle Leather Fringe Skirt-6

Bomber: Forever 21.  Tee: Zara (old) identical here.  Skirt: BCBGMaxazria via Bellevue Square (on sale here and 20% off here automatically applied at checkout).  Heels: Manolo Blahnik.  Purse: Chanel.  Sunglasses: Cheap Monday.



…not a word that is appealing to most, but describes my obsession to a “T”!  If you haven’t noticed by now I am all for slightly oversized and just a little bit slouchy!  There is something about it that just makes me so comfortable and walk just a little bit taller.  If it has a “borrowed from the boys” influence I am sold.  I guess it’s the sports playing, barbie marries G.I. Joe not Ken, worm selling, 12 year old tomboy in me coming out again.  I do like to add a feminine touch and slight sex appeal though.  Sex appeal, haha, why do I feel so weird saying that?!

H&M High Waisted Chino-13

H&M High Waisted Chino-10

 H&M High Waisted Chino-11

Top: H&M (love this).  Pants: H&M (bought a size up and worn at regular waist vs high waisted) similar here and here.  Heels: Manolo Blahnik.  Jewelry: Zada Official (shark tooth and black diamond ring restocking next month), Baublebar.  Hat: Forever 21.  Purse: Chanel (save here).

in the black

…and yet again, right before the weekend, I came down with a cold, the flu… the plague!  Whatever you want to call it, I was the sickest I have been in years (I am normally the one who never gets sick)!  Once I thought I had overcome the germs from just a few weeks ago they came back full force.  You see, when I am sick, I can get slightly whiny.  To the point where my husband is praying for the second that the Nyquil kicks in and I am knocked out for at least a couple of hours straight.  Whoever was so kind as to gift me with this sickness, in my best Liam Neeson voice, “I don’t know who you are but I will hunt you down, and I will find you!”.

Now that I am able to look at a computer screen without feeling completely nauseated I can catch up on all my favorites, I’ve seriously missed you all dearly!  It will be a great way to fully kick the aches and the last bit of this cough!  TMI?  Blame it on the medicine…

River Island Maxi Longsleeve Shirt Dress-6

River Island Maxi Longsleeve Shirt Dress-4

River Island Maxi Longsleeve Shirt Dress-5

River Island Maxi Longsleeve Shirt Dress-1

River Island Maxi Longsleeve Shirt Dress-7

Dress: RI.  Shoes: Zara (old) these would look incredible with this dress.  Jewelry: ASOS, Marrin Costello –  (pre-order, email contact (at) marrincostello.com and ask for the huggies).  Purse: Chanel (great save here).  Sunglasses: Cheap Monday.


“The answer is yes
When 2 or 3 years from now
you start having some doubts
about if this love will last
The answer is yes
I’ll still think you’re beautiful
’cause I’m more attracted to what’s inside of you
You don’t have to guess
The answer is yes
‘Cause I love you
All I care about is your happiness,
so the answer is yes
People just don’t stick around (no)
build you up and let you down, but
I’m not one of those, no girl
I understand that you’ve been burned before
Honesty is what you deserve so much more
and so that’s what I’m giving you, girl
So when the world and the odds are against us
you won’t have to question”

- Musiq Soulchild “Yes”

Vila Tuxedo Blazer-7

Vila Tuxedo Blazer-10

Vila Tuxedo Blazer-4

Vila Tuxedo Blazer-6

Vila Tuxedo Blazer-1

Blazer: Vila.  Trousers: Nordstrom.  Bralette: Missguided.  Shoes: Zara (old) great options here and here.  Purse: Chanel (beautiful save here).  Sunglasses: Cheap Monday.

that 70’s show

“Hello, my name is Cara and I have a culotte addiction”.  Wide legged, comfortable, flowing, and versatile… I truly can not get enough!  I am not ashamed nor am I embarrassed to admit that I own at least 4 pairs and my collection is ever growing!  So perfect for the cooler days with an oversized knit or blazer and statement (but always comfortable) heels or the warmer days with a tank and chunky belt.  I am telling you ladies this is one trend you should not hesitate to try, I am sure it will quickly become as much of a staple in your wardrobe as it is in mine!

H&M Suede Tan Culottes-3

H&M Suede Tan Culottes-6

L.A.M.B. Tyna Pump-2

H&M Suede Tan Culottes-7

Top: H&M via online (sold out almost immediately) great option here.  Pants: H&M via online (completely sold out) love allllllll of these.  Shoes: L.A.M.B. (gilt find) also available on major sale here and here.  Bralette: Missguided.  Necklaces: Marrin Costello.  Purse: Fendi (gorgeous save in an amazing summer color here).  Sunglasses: Cheap Monday.

spring forward

I am going to sound like the biggest baby but, I am not at all prepared to spring forward an hour this weekend!  I literally loathe daylight savings like most loathe Monday’s!  I already can’t sleep in no matter how hard I try so when I look at the clock and lost an hour I get anxiety.  So much to do, so little time, why can’t you just take an hour out of my Monday?!  Ok, wow, I really sound like odd so I am going to stop now:).  On that note, I am excited about longer days and finally breaking out these floral trousers!

Zara Floral Wide Leg Trouser-14

Zara Floral Wide Leg Trouser-12

Zara Floral Wide Leg Trouser-16

Zara Floral Wide Leg Trouser-11

Zara Floral Wide Leg Trouser-6

Zara Floral Wide Leg Trouser-9

Sweater: H&M (great option here).  Pants: Zara (love these).  Shoes: Alexander Wang (old).  Purse: Fendi (finally found an identical one for sale).  Jewelry: Forever 21, J. Crew, Forever 21.

breaking apart

I can’t even be mad at myself over my aforementioned set addiction.  Not only are they amazing together but the pieces are so incredibly versatile when worn as separates!  Anything with that high of an ROI, return on investment, is worth every penny in my book!  Side note: I now realize how much my day job has me abbreviating everything, thank you marketing *sigh*…

Vila Cropped Wide Leg Trouser in Wide Stripe-2

Vila Cropped Wide Leg Trouser in Wide Stripe-10

Vila Cropped Wide Leg Trouser in Wide Stripe-7

Vila Cropped Wide Leg Trouser in Wide Stripe-5

Sweater: ASOS (yes, I have it in three colors – it is that good).  Pants: Vila (see the set here).  Shoes: Tabitha Simmons (black version on sale here – current season floral version here).  Bag: Chanel (identical with gold hardware here) gorgeous save here.  Sunglasses: Wildfox.

wide open

Is it painfully obvious that I am having a serious matching set moment?  As in I absolutely can not get enough, hashtag: gimme all the options!  I love how such an easy dressing option can be made chic by just a few accessories.  It makes for an “out the door in five” type of morning!  I promise here and now to not go completely overkill this spring, or at least try my very best, but I do promise to always keep it different!

Zara Knit Pants and Sweater-6

Zara Knit Pants and Sweater-12

Zara Knit Pants and Sweater-5

Zara Knit Pants and Sweater-9

Zara Knit Pants and Sweater-3

Zara Knit Pants and Sweater-2

Top and Pants: Zara (love this and this) this set is also beautiful.  Shoes: Zara (extremely old) similar on MAJOR sale here.  Purse: Fendi (save here).  Jewelry: J. Crew, YSL, Forever 21, Marrin Costello.

tassel tale

I have come to the realization that I have way more bottoms than tops in my closet.  So as of now I am on the constant lookout for statement blouses in versatile, and flattering, cuts.  This is definitely one that meets that criteria and then some.  There was something about the print and tassel ties that instantly sold me.  On so many levels it spoke to me in the way that clothes sometimes do (woman this is something that probably only you will understand, and for the men that do too – you get me and I get you;))!  Combined with my favorite (and most affordable hat), basic pumps, slouchy slacks…two doses of dayquil… my go to winter coat, and I never want to take it off!

Zara Tassel Print Blouse-5

Zara Tassel Print Blouse-6

Zara Tassel Print Blouse-9

Coat: Forever 21.  Shirt: Zara (similar here and here).  Pants: ASOS.  Heels: Manolo Blahnik.  Jewelry: Baublebar, James Michelle.  Purse: Chanel (adorable save here).  Hat: Forever 21.  Sunglasses: Wildfox.