tough love

My honest thoughts on the varsity jacket trend?  Let me be a bit more specific with that question, last weeks thoughts or this?  Because last week I didn’t hate it but I definitely had an “I can take it or leave it” mentality.  This week, only after finding this F21 version (seriously what is it with them lately, they have really stepped up their game when it comes to the outerwear deparment), I have come to have a more “I want to wear this every single day” mentality.  You don’t have the hideous softball pitcher one from high school with a giant ‘K’ accompanied by a cluster of my “achievement” pins so you can be my best friend forever mindset.  Was that too descriptive?  What I am really trying to say, in an unnecessary I get easily distracted round about sort of way, is I am now completely sold on varsity jackets!

I am fully aware my RBF was in full effect, I promise I was actually in a very good mood!

Forever 21 Classic Varsity Jacket-5

Jolly Chic Polka Dot Chiffon Maxi Skirt-13

Jolly Chic Polka Dot Chiffon Maxi Skirt-12

Forever 21 Classic Varsity Jacket-4

Jacket: Forever 21 via online.  Crop top: ASOS.  Skirt: Jolly Chic (love this one).  Shoes: Zara (old) Identical here.  Purse: Chanel (found a nearly identical version).  Necklaces: HRH Collection.

47th hour

First off let me say I am sorry for being so MIA yesterday and pretty much the entire weekend.  Does it make it any more acceptable if I say that I had a good reason?  As I type this we are in the 47th hour of no power or heat.  Saturday night Seattle had a crazy wind storm.  I woke up to no power, my sister woke up to a tree on both of her cars, yes plural, cars!  Thankfully we are all okay and nobody was actually hurt.  Also on the plus side my sister’s house still has power and we are having a sleepover of sorts tonight, more along the lines of completely taking over her guest bedrooms.  April, I love you and promise I will make the beds when we leave!   I can now justify my procrastination over the weekend and the fact that I never made it to Costco as being a good thing since our entire fridge has now become best friends with the garbage can.

…and on a side (venting) note: (please don’t hate me for this) to the girl on Twitter who never lost power but thinks that the Comcast cable node that kept her from football Sunday should have taken priority over restoring power and heat to the over 120,000 people who weren’t so fortunate as to have been unaffected by the storm, please think next time before you tweet!  I would gladly trade no cable for power and heat!  Here’s to hoping we are back up and running by tomorrow hashtag: power outages suck.

Forever 21 Longline Duster Coat in Black-9

New Balance Sneakers-16

Forever 21 Woven Plaid Gloves-19

Forever 21 Woven Plaid Gloves-24

Coat: Forever 21 (obsessed with this coat and very impressed by the quality).  Sweater: H&M.  Pants: H&M.  Shoes: New Balance.  Necklace: Forever 21.  Gloves: Forever 21.  Bag: Chanel.

out cold

How do I get past the rainy days (besides the fact that I truly enjoy the rain)?

a) 99.5% of the time I don’t curl my hair rather opt for a ridiculously easy updo that only looks as if I spent more than 60 seconds trying to get it right.

b) an umbrella that still let’s me see the sky, let all the light on in!

c) a killer pair of shoes, just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you have to live in rain boots!

d) a larger than life stash of blanket scarves, these babies are my best friend!

ASOS V-Neck Dress in Crepe-11

ASOS V-Neck Dress in Crepe-13

ASOS V-Neck Dress in Crepe-15

Dress: ASOS.  Scarf: ASOS.  Shoes: Forever 21 (old) Similar here – extra 20% off with code ACTFAST.  Purse: Chanel.

black && blue

…fashionably and literally!  One thing you have to probably don’t want to know about me is that I hate scary movies, tv shows, books, scary… anything, with a passion!  Yet, le hubs, much to my dismay, he loves scary everything.  When I was a little girl I snuck around the back of the couch while my mom and older sisters were watching “Candyman”.  She couldn’t figure out why for an entire week I slept on the floor fully wedged underneath my bed.  I had a huge mirror over my dresser that pointed directly at me while I was sleeping and there was no way I was going to risk it.  Even at 29 I still have full on nightmares, for weeks on end.  Where was I going with this?  Oh yeah, black and blue… le hubs made me watch the entire first season of “The Strain”.  You can only imagine how that ended, or maybe you can’t, thrashing in my sleep because I dreamt Murphy (our puppy who sleeps in bed with us) had been turned into a vampire and was trying to eat us.  A few thrashes in and I kicked our nightstand (which of course immediately woke me) and ended up with a gigantic bruise on my shin and a very sore thigh.  I now sleep with heels next to my bed, I figure a stiletto is better protection than nothing right?!  Are ya’ll judging me yet?

SheInside Black Contrast Fur Sleeveless Vest-7

SheInside Black Contrast Fur Sleeveless Vest-10

SheInside Black Contrast Fur Sleeveless Vest-18

SheInside Black Contrast Fur Sleeveless Vest-3

SheInside Black Contrast Fur Sleeveless Vest-11

Longline Vest: SheInside.  Sweater: H&M (great option here).  Pants: H&M (last year) similar here.  Shoes: Schutz (last year) LOVE these.  Purse: Chanel.  Earrings: Baublebar.

I always knew

Be forewarned, this text will have absolutely nothing to do with the following outfit and quite possibly be ridonculously long. I often get asked how I knew my husband was the one. I figured what better time to answer this than on our two year wedding anniversary. Let me start by saying, I always knew. Well, I take that back, from the second I met him in person I knew. Ok, I take that back too, from the second time I saw him in person I knew…

Long Camel Coat-8

You see, to truly understand this you have to know our story. I was a vendor for my husband’s company for a few years. There was an issue (every single month) in our payout differences. I would later find out this was through no fault of his own, we will just call it a contract slip that had us signed off on 30% higher than what our payout should have been. At the time though, this difference made him my least favorite person to deal with. On the 17th of the month I dreaded going in to work as I knew that one of my first emails and at the top of my to do list was to reconcile this difference. Every month this resulted in the exact same email chain and my cringing at the site of his name in my inbox.  We grew to have a strong dislike for one another and I literally thought he was incapable of doing basic math.  Here is what you signed off on, multiply that by how many leads we delivered and voila here is what you owe.

After moving on to a job that brought me to Los Angeles I received an email via LinkedIn from Andy before one of our industries biggest conventions.  In this email Andy asked if I had any time to meet.  My exact reply? I jumped at the idea of meeting him in person and immediately said yes.  Haha, yeah right, it was more along the lines of “I am no longer working within your vertical and my schedule is pretty packed.  I am sorry but I do not see a reason for us to meet.”  A little harsh?  Ok, yes, maybe.  His next response came within minutes, “I like to keep touch with past connections and would really like to set aside some time to meet.”.  Something inside of me made me cave this time, I responded setting up a time for a meeting.

Long Camel Coat-5

One month later at LeadsCon while getting ready for my client dinner I received a text from Andy, “I know our meeting is not scheduled until tomorrow but I am with one of my companies heads right now and would like to introduce you two.”.  Walking into Stack I find the two of them, this in and of itself was not an easy task as I was going by a half inch by half inch photo on LinkedIn.  Not a single word from Andy as I say “hi” and shake his hand.  His coworker introduced himself, nudging Andy to introduce himself as well (still nothing).  I remember trying to come up with any excuse to get myself out of the awkwardness, thankfully I was already running slightly late for my dinner.  I excused myself and left thinking wow, he really is a jerk. 

The next day I was sitting at a table after having just finished a meeting and in walks Andy.  For some reason at that very moment he became the only person in the world I wanted to see.  What I didn’t tell you about the night before was that he was quite the looker (oh wow, now I sound like my grandmother, who uses the word looker?!) . I had the biggest, dorkiest, grin on my face that I tried to hide behind my water glass (I can’t even imagine how awkward that looked).  I felt like Christina Ricci in “Casper” when Devon Sawa walked down the stairs in human form.  As hard as I tried to hide it he had seen it, he even called me out on it.  After talking business for a while I couldn’t believe how easily he made me laugh, how naturally talking to him was.  We both ended up cancelling our work commitments for the night and having dinner.  He had told me he had recently found out about the contract mix up and wanted to schedule the meeting to apologize for the headache it had caused.  That apology actually never came that night but rather the night we got engaged.

The next day I almost missed my flight back home from all the conference chaos and late meetings.  Running through the airport, heels in hand, my phone beeped.  The text read “I am sorry I was so speechless the other night, I just didn’t expect you. I can’t wait to be in LA next month.  I can’t wait to see you again!”.  At that very moment it was all over.

Long Camel Coat-7

You see I knew my husband was the one when I couldn’t help but smile the second he walked in the room, when it felt as though, amongst hundreds of other people, it was only him and I at that very moment.  When talking to him came so naturally that it was like I was talking to a friend that I had known my entire life.  When the distance didn’t matter because I would rather be with him a few days a month than never be with him at all.  At the very moment I wasn’t looking for love, I found it, I found my best friend and soul mate all at once.

Coat: H&M (old) love this one and this one.  Sweater: Nordstrom (last year) this years version here.  Dress (worn as shirt): Cedric Charlier.  Pants: Blank NYC.  Shoes: Converse.  Scarf: Zara (love this one).



“I’m sentimental
So I walk in the rain
I’ve got some habits
Even I can’t explain
Go to the corner
I end up in Spain
Why try to change me now
I sit and daydream
I’ve got daydreams galore
Cigarette ashes
There they go on the floor
Go away weekends
Leave my keys in the door
Why try to change me now”

- Fiona Apple “Why Try to Change Me Now”

Zara Leather Trouser in Wine-5

Zara Leather Trouser in Wine-8

Zara Leather Trouser in Wine-11

Jacket: Banana Republic (30% off with code BRSHOP – today only!).  Top: J.Crew.  Trousers: Zara (LOVE these and  these and an additional 25% off with code FAMILY25).  Heels: Shoedazzle (old) equally amazing here.  Hat: BCBGMaxazria (last season) similar here.  Purse: Chanel.

grey skies

Even on overcast, slightly grey, days I absolutely love my city!  While I do like to see the best in any situation I am not one of those everything is awesome or “I love everything” girls by any means.  But moving my family back to my Seattle, where I grew up, is one of the best decisions we have ever made.  Even on rainy and overcast days I truly can’t believe how beautiful it is, not to mention yes to all of these!

ASOS Block Panel Cape-9

ASOS Block Panel Cape-8

ASOS Block Panel Cape-6

Cape: ASOS.  Dress (worn as top): Nasty Gal.  Jeans: Anine Bing.  (Faux) Fur: ASOS (I forewarned y’all that their selection is too good this season).  Heels: L.A.M.B. (beyond old) similar here.  Necklaces: HRH Collection.  Purse: Chanel.


“Not everyone will appreciate what you do for them.  You have to figure out who’s worth your kindness and who’s just taking advantage.” -Unknown

ASOS Leather Look Pencil Skirt in Oxblood-14

ASOS Leather Look Pencil Skirt in Oxblood-10

Nasty Gal Get Down Button Up-3

ASOS Leather Look Pencil Skirt in Oxblood-15

ASOS Leather Look Pencil Skirt in Oxblood-16

Nasty Gal Get Down Button Up-4

Jacket: H&M (old) LOVE this and this.  Top: Nasty Gal (green and blue version here).  Skirt: ASOS.  Heels: Schutz.  Bag: Chanel.  Jewelry: Marrin Costello, Marrin Costello, Emerson Thorpe.

geo cool

After debating this sweater for a few days hours I brought my girlfriends into the mix.  Nay – 5 Yay – 2, so naturally I discarded the nays and went with my gut.  Most men, more specifically my husband, would say “why even ask if you were going to get it anyways?”.  Well to answer that, because I’m a girl and sometimes we ask unnecessary questions.  It’s the same thing as him asking me if I want to go see “Annabelle” when he knows full well my response will be absolutely not before he can even finish the sentence.

Front Row Shop Geometric Sweater-17

Front Row Shop Geometric Sweater-3

Front Row Shop Geometric Sweater-14

Sweater: Front Row Shop.  Shorts: ASOS.  Booties: Alexander Wang (old) similar here and here.  Purse: Chanel.  Choker: Forever21.