“Now a days I don’t understand
Why my love doesn’t love me like she used to before
Now lately the sun jus doesn’t shine and my paradise is gone
Cause most of the time
We argue and fight
Over things that doesn’t really matter
Lord knows that I tried
To give all my love
So what should I do?

You got to understand it’s all about give and take
You can’t be so demanding
Things won’t always go your way
If you just give it time
And think about her feelings
Then things will work out fine
Learn to make her your best friend
I hear what you saying but my girl she’s always
Complaining and and blaming me for things I’ll never do”

– Musiq Soulchild “Best Friend”

:Schutz Juliana Gladiator-3

Schutz Juliana Gladiator-4Schutz Juliana Gladiator-1Schutz Juliana Gladiator-5

Sweater (sold out) Similar here | Shorts | Heels via Schutz (also available here) | Purse (Marc Jacobs, old) More affordable and current Marc by Marc Jacobs option here | Howlite Ring, Onyx Ring, Cigar Band 

knit pick

It has been an uncommonly cool past few days in Seattle.  Think rain, 60’s, and overcast!  I have loved every minute of the cool off though, the air feels fresh again and I get to pull out my favorite knits from the back of my closet for a day or two.  Slouchy is always welcome in my book, slouchy and platforms – now that should be a required uniform!

Topshop Funnel Neck Side Split Sweater-2Topshop Funnel Neck Side Split Sweater-18Topshop Funnel Neck Side Split Sweater-23Topshop Funnel Neck Side Split Sweater-21

Sweater (on sale) | Wrap Skirt | Gucci Platforms (old) great option here | Sunglasses (under $30) | Howlite Ring, Cigar Band Ring, Onyx Ring | Bag

shoulder to shoulder

I can’t tell you quite what it is but there is something about unique denim lately.  I don’t want skinnies, heck to the no when it comes to bootcut, no thank you to tapered ankle, flares – yes basic but the right pair I am all about.  Give me something different and I am all about it.  Maybe it’s just a phase but I am loving any and every pair that is bringing that “little bit extra” to the table.  These pair have become my summer go-to’s and I can’t, won’t, refuse to give them up!

Valentino Carmen Mod Pump-6

Valentino Carmen Mod Pump-11

Valentino Carmen Mod Pump-4

Valentino Carmen Mod Pump-5

Off the shoulder blouse (nearly identical here) | Cropped, frayed, denim | Mod heels (Valentino, old) Love these | Tassel earrings (old) similar here | Chanel Bag

time teller(s)

So driving home from work I found this very handsome man on the side of the road.  With his thumb in the air I noticed he had killer taste in watches and decided to take him home.  I mean who wouldn’t?!  Oh geez, wouldn’t that be a story to tell of how we met haha.  In all honesty though the second le hubs saw my Jord Watch he was in lust and had to have one for himself.  Lightweight enough to not even notice it’s their and unique enough to stop any passerby in their tracks to ask where they can get one!

Jord Wood Watch -1Jord Wood Watch -12

Jord Wood Watch -3

Jord Wood Watch -4

Jord Wood Watch -13

On me: Pants (via Girls with Gems) | Top (old, LOVE this one on sale) | Cage Heels | Watch c/o JORD Watch | Purse | Sunglasses | Onyx Ring | Midi Cigar Ring

On him: Jacket | Top | Jeans | Shoes | Watch c/o JORD Watch | Sunglasses


To get through the previously mentioned heat I have been turning to basic, breezy, pieces that still offer a side of chic.  This dress (an at the time $20 find) always gets compliments when I am out and about.  I can’t help but laugh because I feel like one of those blow up car sale men with the flailing arms in it because of just how loose it is – don’t even think for a second that it makes me love it any less though!  This Olsen’esque wonder is a simple, yet gorgeous, piece that allows me to accessorize and fit right in at any event while not being a complete gross, sweaty, mess!

Dailylook Olsen Maxi Dress-4

Dailylook Olsen Maxi Dress-10

Dailylook Olsen Maxi Dress-3

Dailylook Olsen Maxi Dress-9

Dress | Platforms (LOVE these) | White Howlite Necklace | Midi Cigar Ring | Onyx Slim Ring | Tortoise Cat Eye Sunglasses (also in stock here) | Handbag

Lyst it

Rut, ugh how I hate that word, rut!  Even reading it is slightly depressing.  Yet, at the beginning of every summer I find myself in one.  The heat takes over my fashion sense, for a brief moment, but still… it takes over!  94 degrees in Seattle, and wait before you judge me for saying that is insane but 99.9% of homes in Seattle have no air conditioning, I find myself sitting three fans pointing directly at me and drinking whatever is coldest in my fridge – Sauvignon Blanc, check!  After about a week of ridiculous pouting and sweating my metaphorical you know what’s off I pick myself up and look for inspiration.  I have come to love Lyst for just that.  Not only does it let me save all the “I need you nows” but also the “I love you’s if only my wallet would let me love you’s **ah hem that amazing Fendi below**” – while notifying me if those I love you’s go on sale or the retail horror story “out of stocks” come back in stock.  While saving everything my heart, and my closet desires, Lyst also learns my shopping habits.  Basically it’s like going through my Facebook feed without having to hide the stories and people I don’t like want to see on a regular basis and only showing me what I love.  Not to mention Lyst has a universal checkout making checkout a breeze, say good-bye to multiple shopping carts.  Below are some pieces that have gotten me out of my summer rut drought and given some much needed inspiration (think fringe, wide leg crops, vintage inspired jewels, and insane platforms).   A few may or may not have made their way to my doorstep via a very lovely UPS man.  You can find many more pieces I am coveting on my Lyst which I update almost daily (should I be embarrassed to admit that I am on there that much?) so be sure to follow me at Carascliche.  I would love to follow ya’ll back to see what is inspiring you this summer!  … and, of course, don’t forget to cash in on those 4th of July sales today!

love it, lyst it


You can find me on Lyst here.


“To see you when I wake up, is a gift I didn’t think could be real
To know that you feel the same, as I do, is a Three-fold utopian dream
You do something to me
That I can’t explain
So would I be out of line, If I said
I miss you.
I see your picture, I smell your skin on, the empty pillow next to mine
You have only been gone ten days, but already I am wasting away
I know I’ll see you again
Whether far or soon
But I need you to know, that I care
And I miss you”

– Incubus “I Miss You”

Solace London Gloria Maxi In Palm-4

Solace London Gloria Maxi In Palm-1

Solace London Gloria Maxi In Palm-11

Solace London Gloria Maxi In Palm-2

Solace London Gloria Maxi In Palm-10

Solace London Gloria Maxi In Palm-7

Dress via Solace – skirt version here (line also available here, here and here) | Mules (old) Similar and almost identical to these Miu Miu’s here | Howlite Ring, Onyx Ring, Band Ring | Sunglasses


I am going to sound like a broken record, but I seriously can not keep up lately!  While I am finally done with EVERY aspect of the aforementioned renovation for “the room that techs built”, I feel like I am slowly easing being thrown head first back into normal life.  My internal clock is completely off and I am not quite sure of the exact day.  I am not pretty certain that my arms are strong enough to hold much (yes, this “much” would include a watch as I like the manly man types) as every single part of my body is aching, yet I need to wear something/anything on my wrists to keep me anywhere near on schedule – I am horrible with chargers and my phone battery is always running on “E”.  I love that I am not having to settle with this watch and wear just anything, not only is it chic and unique but it is also incredibly lightweight.  Winning!  Now that I feel like I can do #alltherenos, do any of ya’ll have any home renovations you need done?!  You provide the Icy/Hot, I’ll provide the techs;).

Solace London Devine Jumpsuit-5

Solace London Devine Jumpsuit-10

Solace London Devine Jumpsuit-2

Solace London Devine Jumpsuit-7

Solace London Devine Jumpsuit-16

Solace London Devine Jumpsuit-14

Jumpsuit via Solace London – (also available here) | Blazer (oldie but a goodie – vintage pennants and brooches) love this option | Platform Oxfords | Skinny Onyx Ring, Gold Cuff Ring, Signet Ring | Watch c/o JORD | Bag (cheaper version here) | Cat Eye Sunglasses



property {sisters}

Let me preface this post by saying I love my sister, I love my sister dearly, I love both of my sisters!  That being said, I will think twice before ever entering into a “one day project” type renovation again.  Actually I take that back I would help either of them at the drop of a hat.  However, I will help knowing that it will most likely be a one-two week long, all day and all nighter, nightmare inducing pain in my a**.  LITERALLY nightmare inducing, I have tossed and turned for the past week because spackle, paint, bead board, dry wall and trims have taken over my dreams.  After being in what felt like an episode of property brothers it was nice to get dressed in something other than yoga pants and my husbands tees to feel like myself again.  What was once referred to as the “serial killer room” will now be referred to as “Shangri-La” and forever known as “the room that techs built”!

ASOS Midi Skirt In Leather Look With Wrap Detail-13

ASOS Midi Skirt In Leather Look With Wrap Detail-9

ASOS Midi Skirt In Leather Look With Wrap Detail-5

ASOS Midi Skirt In Leather Look With Wrap Detail-14

The Perfect Oversized Tee | Leather Wrap Skirt | Gladiators via Shoedazzle | Howlite Ring (this matching piece has also made it’s way into my collection) | Peekaboo Bag

#waystoyosca – on the line

I seriously can not stop wearing my Gerard Yosca pieces, the versatility is beyond words.  I do not think I have a single piece in my wardrobe that each piece individually, or even together, would not match.  I even have Emma attempting to steal them for her last week of school, in her exact words “I need a special outfit mommy, ____’s friend (name omitted) told me he has a crush on me!”.  While she may be too young for a boyfriend, she is never too young to get started on a killer jewelry collection.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #waystoyosca to share how you wear your Gerard Yosca pieces and use the code: Mesa20 for 20% off any new pieces you have been wanting to add to your collection.

Mango 70's Flare-2

Mango 70's Flare-4

Mango 70's Flare-5

Mango 70's Flare-3

Striped Longline Shirt | Flared Jeans | Metal Plate Clogs (Miu Miu – really old) Love these | Bandana Scarf | Handbag (save here) | Necklace c/o Gerard Yosca | Bracelet (2) c/o Gerard Yosca | Sunglasses