dare to bare

I woke up this morning and was another year older.  It’s funny how that works it took me an entire year to get from 27 to 28 but technically I had to face the age change overnight.  Maybe that is why many of my friends have started celebrating birth weeks.  I figured I might as well dare to bare while my age still allows me to do so without putting me in the running for “What Not to Wear”.  The “new” it trend wants to take us back to the 90’s by once again baring our mid-drifts.  Personally I was not quite sure how to incorporate this trend or if I could even pull it off for that matter.  As a mother it seemed slightly inappropriate to tie up the shirt and pull down the pants, not to mention the awkward feeling and anxiety attack I would probably have as a result of doing so.  I found my “own way” with a high waisted skirt (oh and with pockets!!!), knit bustier and denim jacket.  There will never be any visible belly buttons here.






In honor of my birthday I thought I would share a little throw back with all of you.  On the left and right is my daughter Emma at 1 year old, in the middle that is me 27 years ago at one.  One of my friends came across this picture of me in my house a few years back and asked when and where I took that picture of Emma.  Until that point I had never realized how identical we looked growing up.  You can hold a picture of Emma, now 8, next to one of me at any stage in her life and it is the same situation.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t absolutely love it!

Jacket: Paige Denim.  Bustier: GUESS by Marciano. Skirt: Rachel Roy (recent but now sold out, at $40 and 30% off I didn’t expect it to last) Similar here and here.  Shoes: Zara (old) Similar here and here.  Lips: L’Oreal Fairest Nude, Revlon Bellini.

9 thoughts on “dare to bare

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  2. I am in LOVE with this jacket/skirt combo! Both are so completely gorgeous and together even more so! And I love how classy and feminine you made a bare mid-drift. You are rocking this!

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