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“Cara, why is your mattress so lumpy?” I vividly remember my mom me asking when I was a little girl. Hidden underneath was my mind unfolded: journals upon journals of my fashion illustrations and magazine clippings. I hid them in hopes that my “competitors,” my two older sisters, wouldn’t steal my designs and inspirations.  I was just shy of eight years old at the time but already dreamt, quite literally, about the world of fashion!

As the years went my passion only grew.  Not a literal, straight off the runway, interpretation of fashion but developing my own sense of style.  I loved that friends would come to me for styling advice and to dress them for their next date.  Because it’s not just fashion I am passionate about but about helping others find their own sense of style.

Don’t abandon who you are or your own personal style because it’s what sets you apart!

xx Cara

Global Marketing by day, Fashion blogging by night, a mother, a wife, and a die hard Seahawks fan – never a bandwaggoner!